Why Us Long

Why AI Vector?

AI Vector is a blend of traditional Systems Administrators

and experienced Custom Developers

We continue to add to our knowledge base and you benefit directly from our

experience and innovations

Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies

to the single website owner

We are proud that the AI Vector team is diverse and can successfully communicate

on all levels of system complexity.

Our engineers and technical professionals can stand toe-to-toe with anyone in the IT industry.

We recognize that understanding Business Processes is an important element of effective

System Design often overlooked.


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Appropriate System Design, Rapid Diagnostics, and “Fix-It-Right” Problem Solving is our Specialty


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• Costly duplications were eliminated (Simplification).
• Diagnostics were improved – all data available in one place (Centralization)


velocity-logo• Rapid growth; currently supporting over 18,000 hosts (Scalability)
• Designed collector technology to distribute and control load (Sound Architecture)

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• Data accurately categorized based on individual stores and geographical regions (Business Process Analysis)
• Improved performance by quickly identifying source of problem (Centralization)